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The Tempter (2018)

The Tempter (2018)

Eric Wolfgang NelsonDon BrandonThom MurrayCamille Marolf
Benjamin Thomas


The Tempter (2018) is a English movie. Benjamin Thomas has directed this movie. Eric Wolfgang Nelson,Don Brandon,Thom Murray,Camille Marolf are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Tempter (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A desperate man makes a deal with the devil in hopes of making all his earthly dreams come true. But when he is called upon to live up to his end of the Faustian bargain, he soon learns that this comes with a very steep price, as those around him spiral into madness, possession and death.

The Tempter (2018) Reviews

  • Better than I had hoped


    This movie surpassed my expectations in every way. I've watched several edits of the film and this one takes the cake. Characters are. Wliebabnle, story flows, and there were several moments JUMP moments that I didn't see coming. This is a classic example of how a bunch of friends can come together and make a movie that's worth watching without breaking the bank. If you like indie horror films I think you'd like this one.

  • Nice Indie Spook Film


    As with many indies, budgetary restrictions are a given. But Benjamin Thomas overcomes this with an eye for setting and location, and a cast that works so well. As Baal, Eric Wolfgang Nelson exudes a quiet evil that is only evident once he gets his hooks into Don Bradley, played by Don Brandon. The rest of the cast works really well too, and some you will recognize from other features and national commercials. Benjamin brought them together with sharp editing, good sound, cinematography, and excellent location filming in St. Louis and the Ozarks. Netflix and Amazon have been streaming films of much worse quality for years, and Deal With The Devil definitely should be on your watch list. Help support independent film, you will be rewarded by the quality of talent out there waiting to shine.

  • Benjamin Thomas and co. - pure magic !!


    This is gem of a movie ----the characters are very believable ..Eric Wolfgang Nelson is scary -good as Ba'al satans right hand man ----his casual manner and dreadful demands were spot on --at one point in the film I had to look thru my hand because I didn't want to experience what I was seeing -that's powerful .....Baals makeup and costume was perfect- mesmerizing as this horror flick might be with a character like Ba'al ...being a musician myself I was completely drawn into Don and his new found talent on the violin ----his syren song is very effective ...watching the gradual madness overtake the characters was gut-wrenching and the timeline jumps are perfection .....the poor writer who is goofy and not able to talk to women is very engaging and I felt like I would have done very much the same thing -this is a fantastic indie film that deserves praise for what they accomplished ..I still brood and wonder if in reality this plays out a thousand times a day on our world unseen but not for those caught up in such a tragic horror as their time is short and there is no escape expect by.......... truly hoping this film brings some well-deserved notoriety to all involved in the film........Bravo !!

  • Boldly entertaining. A chilling glimpse into the secret world of evil doers!


    What drives a seemingly normal and well meaning artist to do the Devils dirty work? Find out as you watch Deal With The Devil. Director Benjamin Thomas has struck spooky movie gold. As I was watching, the lines of reality and fiction began to blur as I began to relate with all the finely crafted characters. The simplistic soundtrack added the perfect amount of tension as the "Deal" spiraled out of control. I especially loved the the way the story weaved in and out of past and present moments. Overall the film is very well written and left me questioning my interest in the dark side... wouldn't wanna get caught up in the cycle...

  • Great film!


    Benjamin Thomas is a dedicated filmmaker who has a vision for storytelling. This story not only is very relevant in today's world but also makes you think about what really matters after all. Visually the story is easy to understand and filmed beautifully. I've seen a lot of low busget movies that don't even come close to what Thomas and his team were able to accomplish on a low budget. I hope to see more from Thomas soon. This movie is a must watch on Halloween or honestly any day if you're looking for chills.


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