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The Escort (2015)

The Escort (2015)

Lyndsy FonsecaMichael DonegerTommy DeweyBruce Campbell
Will Slocombe


The Escort (2015) is a English movie. Will Slocombe has directed this movie. Lyndsy Fonseca,Michael Doneger,Tommy Dewey,Bruce Campbell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Escort (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Desperate for a good story, a sex-addicted journalist throws himself into the world of high-class escorts when he starts following a Stanford-educated prostitute.

The Escort (2015) Reviews

  • The more realistic 'Pretty Woman' of the 10's


    In the end of my childhood I have seen Pretty Woman a few times. Later in my twenties I have watched the movie again. And then you realize this movie is not so romantic anymore. It's just a lucky (beautiful) prostitute that gets an (attractive) rich guy. That movie is told like a beautiful fairy tale with a happy end. This movie comes much closer to reality. The main story line of the movie is predictable, but there are enough enjoyable moments to like this movie. Also the chemistry between the main characters makes it fun to watch. The motivation of the main characters makes the story believable and you can empathize with them; cyberbullying, loneliness, self esteem, money problems, family issues, addictions, rejection and of course the 'is love real' question. So Yes, it's not a 'Pretty Woman' fairy tale and NO it's also not based on a true story, it's something in between and that makes is worth the effort to watch.

  • I'm an escort myself and I enjoyed it quite a lot


    'The Escort' covers much of what we do as a job, and it's even a touching movie. It goes about love, drama, touching moments, and even humor. The relationship between the two partners is really well done as they struggle with their own lives. The performance is quite good on most cases although there's some overacting by some of them. It's not the first time this story is told on movies, as you already know, but this is kinda a more contemporary version of it. As I said, I'm an escort myself and I find that the movie doesn't offend our profession on any level. Obviously it's not the best movie out there, so I gave it only a 6/10, still, if you work on this profession you're definitely going to enjoy it.

  • The Escort: a nice Comedy.


    I hope that talking about sex doesn't bother you, otherwise you won't be able to appreciate this comedy. It's a love story spiced with some very good characters. Lindsy Fonseca is pretty (as she was in Kick-Ass) and Michael Doneger plays the part very well: he also wrote the script (together with Brandon A. Cohen), which is an always noteworthy something. The story flows fluidly until its natural end and effortlessly keeps your attention high. It deals with talented (and good looking) young people living unusual and interesting lives. And the result is entertaining.

  • Touching.


    I'll keep this short; 'The Escort' has covered most of a touching movie. Bouncing between the edges of morality, love, humour and drama you'll find a chemical reaction between two well played characters both struggling with their shadow sides of life. Both Fonseca and Doneger performing par excellence and in contrast to the sufficient (sometimes close to over-)acting by Campbell and other co-stars. The story itself is a contemporary version of existing grandeurs like 'Pretty Woman' and 'Indecent proposal'. If there is anything negative to mention it is the lacking depth and meagre storyline. Not a rough diamond but certainly a polished ruby, well worth viewing.

  • Pretty good ...


    The movie stays away from the damsel in distress theme and the female lead is a strong independent woman whose motives, feelings and thoughts are explored throughout the movie. It's awful that it needs to be mentioned, but that's one of the few movies where I think the female lead is portrayed as a real person. Fonseca with her stellar performance round it off and make her character very relatable. Unfortunately Doneger's character is a tad underdeveloped which makes him a lot more the typical RomCom lead, with all the tropes and predictability. And in my opinion most of it is due to the fact that they went for the typical 3 act structure, which wouldn't have been necessary, considering the chemistry the leads have. Bottom line, the movie is worth watching if you're not totally opposed to RomComs. The story has redeeming qualities, the acting is good and the ending, although predictable, has a bit of a twist. And Bruce Campbell is in it.


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