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Stay Awesome, China! (2019)

Stay Awesome, China! (2019)

Winston SterzelNaomi Wu
Ricardo Afonso


Stay Awesome, China! (2019) is a English,Mandarin movie. Ricardo Afonso has directed this movie. Winston Sterzel,Naomi Wu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Stay Awesome, China! (2019) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

To really understand China, you have to get to know its people. Winston "SerpentZA" Sterzel travels across China's first tier cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen - meeting the cities' most fascinating people, including a racy nude photographer, a mosquito breeding scientist and a DIY maker challenging gender and tech stereotypes.


Stay Awesome, China! (2019) Reviews

  • Perfecto!


    If you like documentaries and learn different cultures then you must like this. Winston makes it easy to understand how China works. I myself think alot of people have misunderstood how chinese culture works and how people are in 21st century and after you learn more about them you can understand better how and why china is different from other countries. Movie is magnificent, I love it! I deeply reccomend his youtube channel Serpentza to anyone who is more interested about China, He constantly uploads videos and teaches us more!

  • Amazing 3rd Documentary of China


    The 1st documentary, Conquering Southern China gave my family unrestricted access to Eastern culture. Since then, we've been mesmerized. Stay Awesome, China!, a 3rd documentary, explores new locations not covered in the 1st & 2nd (Conquering Northern China) documentaries. Several unique stories that are true & have never been told in the West are at the heart of SAC! These stories engage the audience with feelings of acceptance & happiness. My favorite director, Kurosawa, probably could appreciate the obstacles that were overcome while filming & finding a unique style. Very entertaining.

  • Fascinating!


    A rare look into Chinese culture and subculture without the usual propaganda or biased views. Winston is a charming host, sincerely interested in China and its people.

  • Take a look, you won't be disappointed


    I love how Winston draws a picture of China full of talent, repressed or not. Hes shows how China and its people are not it's outer politics. The way he can discuss with the people and interact transparently with both the audience and the interviewees gives a more natural experience. Without his effort to depict a realistic and truthful picture of China, the good and the bad, I wouldn't be so fond of the country today. Take a look to his Youtube channel. You will not be disappointed. There he brings out the fine side of chinese culture and life.

  • Is Awsome!


    Stay Awesome, China!: Purchasing the video was very quick and easy. The file size is 11.6GB and lasts for just over 77 minutes. So keep that in mind if you have slow internet, a data cap or low HDD space. The documentary is excellent and reflects the high quality demanded by today's cinema standards. I found the topics extremely interesting, tastefully presented and very enlightening about China and its people. (and a little enlightening about Winston too, (Oh RATS!) LOL.) Unlike some documentaries, at no time was I board. In fact I felt slightly disappointed that there wasn't more. If this is Winston's first stab at documentaries, then he needs to do more. Outstanding content. I will be one of the first ones to buy his next release. Extreme file size is the only thing that puts me off from this experience.


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