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Yellow Is the New Black (2018)

Yellow Is the New Black (2018)

Pierre CoffinBrian T. DelaneyCarlos Alazraqui
Sergey Kushneryov,Fabien Polack


Yellow Is the New Black (2018) is a English movie. Sergey Kushneryov,Fabien Polack has directed this movie. Pierre Coffin,Brian T. Delaney,Carlos Alazraqui are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Yellow Is the New Black (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Short,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family movie in India and around the world.

An adventure about two minions which try to escape from jail.

Yellow Is the New Black (2018) Reviews

  • Funny ad entertaining


    This is a fun animation that takes you to a journey of laughs and thrills. It is amazing how many jokes they can pack into three minutes. I really enjoyed it.

  • good fun, way too short


    Unbelievable how many people worked on a 3 minute carton...........

  • it okey not bad it just okey


    Since the grinch came out on DVD a short called "yellow is the new black" and it kind of boring. the story is about minions try to escape from jail. THAT THE PLOT! and i know it a short but that, so lazy and i do like despicable me but this is kind of boring let just hope minions 2 won't be like this, the animation is good but the story kind of sucks.

  • Okay for a short one


    This is quite short. It's okay, but doesn't live up to the hilarity of the prior Minion shorts.

  • Prison break Minions style


    "Yellow is the New Black" is a new American 4-minute animated short film from 2018 and as this imdb page seems very empty still at this point, it is not immediately visible that here we got the newest Minions short film that played in theaters before the new Grinch movie. I think this is not the very first (short) film that features the little yellow creatures with a prison reference and the title makes it obvious of course. The two "heroes" are outside having to do labor when another inmate decides to use them to get out of jail. What follows is one chase sequence after the next where the two are not really much of a help to the other guy, but rather getting on his nerves with their preference for all kinds of stupid fun. In the end, everybody's back to jail again, but it was one hell of a ride, so no lucky escape for anybody. after all, in the sense of harmless children's entertainment, there shall be no villainous message in here. I personally love/like Despicable Me, but I did not enjoy the Minions film too much and I think as central characters, they are not perfect, only to bring a great deal of comedy in supporting roles constantly. Which is why I also found this short not very funny. It seems that finally the magic is gone given the yellow ones' popularity. It is for good reason that this one is for example not even close to being a contender at the Oscars while the full feature at least had an outside shot to get in the Animated Feature category. Or in other words, i think only the very biggest Minions fans should watch this one we got here. i give it a thumbs.down. Not recommended.


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