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The Last Season (2014)

The Last Season (2014)

Sam and the BandJoe BerryUncle BobSam Doungaphay
Sara Dosa


The Last Season (2014) is a English movie. Sara Dosa has directed this movie. Sam and the Band,Joe Berry,Uncle Bob,Sam Doungaphay are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Last Season (2014) is considered one of the best Documentary,Family,War movie in India and around the world.

In search of the lucrative matsutake mushroom, two former soldiers discover the means to gradually heal their wounds of war. Roger, a self-described 'fall-down drunk' and sniper in Vietnam, and Kouy, a Cambodian refugee who fought the Khmer Rouge, bonded in the bustling tent-city known as Mushroom Camp, which pops up each autumn in the Oregon woods. Their friendship became an adoptive family; according to a Cambodian custom, if you lose your family like Kouy, you must rebuilt it anew. Now, however, this new family could be lost. Roger's health is declining and trauma flashbacks rack his mind; Kouy gently aids his family before the snow falls and the hunting season ends, signaling his time to leave.


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  • Fascinating & Poignant!


    A documentary about mushroom pickers? Who would expect this to be a poignant journey into the hearts of two men who come from different parts of the world to pick a highly valued (pricey) Matsutake mushroom outside a small town in Oregon? Dosa used her education in anthropology to steep this fascinating tale in a cultural setting, the province of Asian men from the war-torn years in Cambodia and Laos and American men who fought in Vietnam. Like any good story, it's about relationships that develop; in this case, as the men invest two autumn months each year to try to make their fortune. Dosa also uses her considerable film-making skills to keep the story on track, to make everything in it vital, and to entertain us as we learn about a world that has been invisible to most Americans, particularly because the mushroom's customers are primarily Japanese. How Dosa found the real-life characters that are the center of the documentary speaks to one of her considerable film-making gifts.


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