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One Nation Under Trump (2016)

One Nation Under Trump (2016)

Jeb BushTed CruzJimmy FallonMegyn Kelly
Jim Gufferson


One Nation Under Trump (2016) is a English movie. Jim Gufferson has directed this movie. Jeb Bush,Ted Cruz,Jimmy Fallon,Megyn Kelly are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. One Nation Under Trump (2016) is considered one of the best Documentary,Biography,History movie in India and around the world.

One Nation Under Trump is the first comprehensive feature documentary to delve into the zeitgeist of the unstoppable Donald Trump revolution, from the ground floor all the way to the pinnacle of the 2016 American political landscape.

One Nation Under Trump (2016) Reviews

  • What was the point?


    My first question would be, what was the point of this "documentary"? And I say documentary loosely because I have never seen something quite like this. The whole hour was just TV clips from Trump interviews and speeches. There was some voice over, but not anywhere near what you would expect. There are also places in the video, especially the end, where the voice doesn't match with what is on screen. This made it increasingly difficult to watch. I thought maybe this would be an insightful look into who Trump is and why, but all this video seems to be is one giant propaganda piece. There were no opposing views to it at all. I'm also wondering how there was a $25,000 budget, as the video contained all clips with little narration. I hope this wasn't a college project, because I doubt any Professor is going to love a "film" made up entirely of TV clips.

  • Not remotely a documentary


    This is nothing more than a marketing piece for Donald Trump. To call this a documentary is an outright lie. This is not informational, it is simply promotional. I have nothing against Donald Trump. What I have a problem with is someone selling me one thing and then delivering another. This is not a documentary. The bulk of the film is simply Trump's campaign stump speeches. If you boiled down all the "documentary" narration, it probably comes out to ten lines. Everything else in this is Trump on the podium talking about "believe me" "trust me" "it's going to be great."

  • Trump During The GOP Primaries


    Well,it has been only two weeks since Donald J. Trump has been elected as President of the United States.It was a close fight between him and Hillary Clinton.Now,there are demonstrations in the streets to protest his victory and people have varied opinions about how he is going to perform as the so-called "Apprentice President". Michael Moore,who predicted his victory back in June 2016,now makes another prediction by saying Trump isn't going to finish his 4 years term as President. Whether that happens or not,there is this video called "One Nation Under Trump" which provides the viewer the road of Donald Trump into the White House as it shows a variety of his campaign speeches during the Republican Primaries. This was fun watching as we get to see Trump in the early days of his road to the White House that included debates during the Primaries against Jeb Bush,Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.We also get to witness the how he got entangled with Fox Analyst Megyn Kelly.But most of all,we get to witness how he captured the hearts of the poor and middle class especially with his promises of improving the economy and promising improvement for people's lives during his campaign speeches.On whether he fulfills on this promises or not,this so- called documentary or "documentary" can be good lessons for future candidates of public office.

  • A Terrible Documentary For A Terrible Person


    I have to wonder why anyone would make a documentary like this, since it makes this arrogant monster look one hundred times worse. Awful editing and continuity. Purpose is completely missing. Nothing holds together and it's just that idiot with his chemical helmet of yellow epoxy hair gel along with an equally corrosive orange spray tan telling everyone how wonderful he is, and then continuing his pitiful fear mongering and agenda of nauseating hatred. It's appropriate that this train wreck is portraying a rancorous power hungry lunatic as someone who can't fit the pieces together very well, with limited scope or intelligence to show something even slightly visionary. It's like watching a wretched nightmare of bad television broadcasting, a progression of completely idiotic and useless video clips. If you want to watch a 6-year old in a baseball cap and ill-fitting blazer making a bunch of big scenes like a malcontent juvenile, this movie is for you. The only redeeming aspect of this movie is that it documents a despicable presidential campaign that will go down in history as a shameful reflection of a country's hatred and anger.

  • Not a Documentary: Terrible Vile Human Being


    This is nothing more than a promotional piece, absolute garbage. Nothing about this was a documentary, instead you are provided with little tid bits from his vitriolic speeches. Trump has the lowest support from Americans as a whole. He will face a crushing defeat and even the name of this "documentary" is a lie.. We are not one nation under trump and given the bold faced lie in the title, the content is just as telling. Garbage all the way. Once again, it would have been interesting if this were a Documentary I'm sure. It is however not one, and nothing more than a campaign marketing tool used to spread trumps lies and hate.


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