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One in a Billion (2016)

One in a Billion (2016)

Dan BartoBalbir Singh BhamaraSatnam Singh BhamaraLarry Bird
Roman Gackowski


One in a Billion (2016) is a English,Punjabi movie. Roman Gackowski has directed this movie. Dan Barto,Balbir Singh Bhamara,Satnam Singh Bhamara,Larry Bird are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. One in a Billion (2016) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

In a country of 1.2 billion people and in a sport with billions of fans worldwide, there has yet to be a single Indian-born player drafted in the NBA. One in a Billion follows the global journey of Satnam Singh Bhamara from his home of Ballo Ke, a farming village in rural India, to the bright lights of New York City as he attempts to change history. Building up to a climactic draft night after years of hard work, Satnam hopes to finally create the long-awaited connection between India and the NBA.


One in a Billion (2016) Reviews

  • There is one HUGE problem with this documentary!!!


    "One in a Billion" is a documentary now airing through Netflix's streaming service. However, before you watch it, there is one HUGE problem with the film. While the documentary has captions which you can activate (and you should, as it's a bit difficult to understand Satnam's English at times), whenever Satnam and other folks speak in their native Indian language there is no captioning whatsoever!! So, during one lengthy sequence, his father talks and talks...and you have no idea what he's talking about at all! This does NOT make the film terrible...and you can still watch and enjoy it. But it is frustrating! The film is about a 7'2" Indian man, Satnam Singh Bhamara, who was spotted as a teen and brought to the States to train and hone his skills. After all, he began playing basketball late and although huge, his skills were pretty weak back then. Through a scholarship, Satnam and eight other Indians were enrolled in the IMG Academy in Florida and ultimately several years later he signed with an agent and the film then centers on whether or not Satnam will be picked in the upcoming NBA draft. It's definitely a flawed film due to the captioning issue...and until that is corrected I cannot score the film any higher. Hopefully someone will realize it and correct this. By the way, this is the second film I've recently seen that features IMG...a sports training program that is about 20 minutes from where I live. However, despite many pro basketball, football, tennis and other athletes being graduates of IMG, I had no idea that this place even existed until recently. For folks in Bradenton, Florida, IMG seems to keep a relatively low profile.

  • heart and humility


    I watched this movie last night and fell in love with it. I have been thinking of this all day and continue to be moved and impressed by so many facets of Satnam Singh's life. This documentary shows a real and raw experience from the perspective of a young kid from India who has been given a great opportunity. The things that moved me the most about this film is how they show Satnam's strong work ethic, desire to succeed, humility, and pure innocence. You cannot help but fall in love with this kid when you see how tender and sweet he is. I love that he is so simple, but so evolved and sophisticated that he recognizes that someone is investing in him and he feels that it is his duty to repay that by doing the absolute best he can. It's so simple, but so beautiful. I love that he has a warm bond with his father and his family. I love that he is selfless about his success and views it as his duty that he owes himself, his family, and his village. It's truly a very beautiful film about a beautiful person.

  • Captioning Issue Resolved on Netflx


    Just watched this on Netflx Canada and the captioning issue that kinda ruined the film for Planktonrules is resolved. Very enjoyable. I too recommend that you watch with the captions on. The production team put a lot of work into following Satnam on his journey through his formative time working toward his and his family's dream of him becoming a pro basketball player. Looking forward to a sequel!


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