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Kiss Kiss (2019)

Kiss Kiss (2019)

Natascha HopkinsRobert WagnerNathalia CastellonTamra Dae
Dallas King


Kiss Kiss (2019) is a English movie. Dallas King has directed this movie. Natascha Hopkins,Robert Wagner,Nathalia Castellon,Tamra Dae are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Kiss Kiss (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Four best friends embark on a luxurious wine tasting and soon find themselves fighting for their lives.

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Kiss Kiss (2019) Reviews

  • Wow


    I didn't know they started making mainstream movies that try to be pornography so hard. Acting is horrible, first 20 minutes or so are us watching strippers who don't seem to ever actually do the one job they have. The directing has me wondering if there was one, the story doesn't seem to want to materialize. Horrid

  • We don't spit.


    Scantily clad drugged up strippers pummel each other to death in slo-mo for the audience of a senator and a general. Not much to see here. Bad all around. One of them was named Kiss. Want to guess who wins? Guide: F-word. Sex. brief partial nudity.

  • Wow. Bad. Really Really Bad


    This is Cinemax After Dark soft core porn with some of the worst acting you will ever witness. There is nothing interesting in this movie. The chicks are all like mma fighters which means they have way too many muscle to be attractive. Keep looking.

  • Entertainment for the Weekend


    Expectations were low but found it intriguingly interesting! Could you imagine women in swimsuits fighting to the death online... millions of views. Scary! It's not Fight Club but didn't have those expectations going in. If looking for some weekend entertainment watch Kiss Kiss.. women are hot and Gibson is dark!

  • I actually had fun watching this!


    I was not expecting to be this entertained. I really liked this movie and would recommend to anyone who likes action, suspense, attractive women, and good music. Awesome sound effects!

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