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Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015)

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015)

Shawn AllenRobin ArnottMark BacklerKathryn Barrett
Anna Brady,Lester Francois


Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015) is a English movie. Anna Brady,Lester Francois has directed this movie. Shawn Allen,Robin Arnott,Mark Backler,Kathryn Barrett are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015) is considered one of the best Documentary,Biography,History,News movie in India and around the world.

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies a feature-length documentary which explores the vibrant global community of indie game creators. These unique voices, of all backgrounds and nationalities, are disrupting the traditional models of game development, making personal, innovative experiences. In the spirit of movements like the French New Wave, the Punk scene and the Grunge scene, hundreds of indie auteurs are emerging and finding success with their own unique voices and artistic goals. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies aims to capture this exciting moment in time.


Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015) Reviews

  • Horrible


    A bad documentary about people who believe they can make games innovative but fail miserably in doing so and blaming others. The developers and few journalists that are talked about and introduced are far from being nationally diverse as well. The use of people who can't even make games in a documentary about the indie scene is purely abysmal, let alone the fact that the majority of those interviewed all just talk about themselves like they are some kind of developer messiah and their work will change the industry as we know it. I will say the camera work was OK, given that there was barely any need for it because it is an interview style documentary. But regardless, the execution of who they used does not redeem this movie one bit

  • not about games


    There are loads of independent games made by lots of different types of people but this documentary focuses on a small group of very pretentious hipsters who make low quality games that most people would not consider games. They talk about social issues and how women have it so hard typical feminist nonsense they never talk about code or anything that you might expect from a documentary about games. i don't like this documentary because it claims to be about games but it isn't and it represents a small minority of indi game makers as though they are the norm when in reality they are the least respected group in the industry they really don't care about games they care about identity politics and slacktivism.

  • Ignore the GamerGate and internet hate mob.


    Game Loading: Rise of the Indies is actually a fantastic insight into game development. Ignore the extremely negative reviews as most of them haven't even seen the film. Granted there are some negative reviews which a valid, a lot of them aren't though. If you're looking for 'personalities' in the film, the film includes high profile game developers such as: Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable) Christine Love (Analogue: A Hate Story) Trent Kusters (Armello) Lucas Pope (Papers, Please) John Romero and Tom Hall (id Software founders) Nina Freeman (Code Liberation) Jens Bergensten (Minecraft) Richard Hofmeier (Cart Life) Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest) Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) and dozens more Watch the film for yourself and make your own judgement. I did and I love it!

  • Surprisingly Great doco


    I had no interest in games whatsoever and then I watched this documentary. It changed my mind completely! The documentary is so well told and interesting you will be talking about it and thinking about for weeks afterwards. I was surprised to see how diverse games could be. Games can be anything! It was great that the documentary followed female game developers as well as male (and explained how difficult their journey could be). The establishing shots were very interesting of the various cities. It's like when you learn a new word, suddenly you hear it everywhere and now I see game stuff everywhere which I never noticed before! (And the documentary made my husband want to start developing games!)

  • Great documentary!


    Hey, This movie was really great and enlightening. :) The editing was really good. Great, factual work and was interesting the whole way through. It featured many artists and different games. It amazes me how they went across Europe and America to find all these cons and artists and they probably had a lot of fun making this documentary. Anyway I would highly recommend it to any of my friends and family. Already have actually. Please watch it, it is well worth your time and some parts are really quite funny.Its a well good laugh to watch with your mates. It gave loads of information on what it is like for those in the industry making games and how hard it can be.


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